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About the Founder

Meet our talented artist and founder, Dr. Jyoti Tiwari who has a unique background in healthcare industry for over 18 years before finally taking the leap to pursue her passion for art full time. A self-taught artist, she has honed her craft through her travels, drawing inspiration from various cultures and traditions. Her artworks are a reflection of her experiences and are imbued with essence of every place she’s visited.

Working primarily with oil and acrylic medium, she crafts intricately detailed pieces that revolve around nature and transformative power of art. Starting with Indian traditional art, she has come to find her ikigai in painting manmade elements juxtaposed against beautiful landscapes. Her ultimate goal is to create artwork that not only portrays beauty but also brings positivity and calm to any space. Her inspiration and creativity comes from her travel in and around India, meeting new people and imbibing their culture. Belonging to Varanasi, she feels a strong connect to Indian culture. She strives for her art to inspire the younger generation to reconnect with their ancient culture while embracing the future technological advances.

Presently She lives with her family in Bangalore where she pursues art in her home studio. Her personality type is ISTP and her guilty pleasures include chocolates, K-dramas and travelling. Get ready to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of art of this romantic. 

Our Team


Dr Jyoti Tiwari

Founder and Artist


Sonal Chaturvedi

Designer and Artist

Where to Find Us?

We are based in the beautiful city of Bengaluru, India

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