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Demystifying "Ashtam"!!

It feels important for me to discuss the significance of my shop name today. As we start a new year; I want to be more connected to all of you.

"Ashtam" meaning the number eight (8) in Sanskrit has a deeper meaning in Hinduism. It represents mastery over material world through spirituality.

♾️ - infinity - the inverted 8 is limitless of time and space. it is fluid continual motion and expands beyond all forms; it has no beginning and no end. Thus it signifies endless possibilities. Such is the form of art too. It has an infinite amount of different possibilities. Art too extends beyond time and space and can take any form. There is no definite rule that governs it.

Ashtam (8) is endless || balance between material and spiritual || abundance || manifestation || one-pointedness of mind || wholeness || strength || power || success || self-discipline || achievement ||

Ishavaasyopanishad states:
" That is whole and complete; this is whole and complete. From that whole this whole came. If you remove that whole from this whole, what is left is still the whole remains."

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